Tenth Stop: Finowfurt

The district of Finowfurt in the municipality of Schorfheide forms the western edge of the urban belt in the Finow Valley. The premises of the former mill (built in 1900) to the south of the Schöpfurth lock (built 1875–1876) are a good example of the regeneration of an inactive industrial centre.

Timber rafting has been one of the most important forms of transport ever since the canal was built. The rafts were usually poled, but also towed, and if the wind conditions were good, a small sail could be set. Later on, tugs pulled up to ten rafts behind them. Dozens of sawmills and timber-rafting businesses emerged. By the mid-19th-century, a lot more wood was arriving at the river Oder in Hohensaaten than could be transported to the west. As a result, the Oderberger Lake and the Lieper Lake became giant storage depots for timber.

The Rafting Festival held every year in Finowfurt commemorates this tradition. Since 2000 the ‘Schippelschute’, a raft built especially for passenger transport, has carried day trippers along the Finow Canal.

In 1993 the CIS air corps left the Finow airfield. Nowadays the aviation museum provides information about the history of aviation in Brandenburg. Special attractions include around 25 original planes from the period 1945–1985. The museum also features historical vehicles from the period 1942–1960, models and many other exhibits.


Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt (Finowfurt aviation museum)
Museumsstraße 1, 16244 Finowfurt
Opening times: April–Oct 10am–5pm
Admission: adults €5, concessions €2.50
Tel.: (0 33 35) 72 33